Creative competition within the framework of the theme ” Abay’s Heritage – The Sacred Treasure of the Kazakh people”


Not for amusement do I write my verse,

Nor do I stuff it full of silly words.

It’s for the young I write, for those

Whose hearing is acute, whose senses are alert.

In order to promote the work of the poet, educator, founder of the Kazakh literary language, philosopher Abay Kunanbayev, the Medical College, the Department of General education disciplines and the reading room No. 2 of the library and Information Center held a creative competition in an online/offline format among students of the College on 13.04.2021 within the framework of the theme “Abay’s legacy is a sacred treasure of the Kazakh people “.

          It is clear that our grandfather Abay inherited every line of poetry, every work of the young people, gave them high hopes and set an example. The poet had neither paid nor preached to the younger generation. It encourages young people to a moral path and honest friendship, telling the truth, which is reflected in the experience of the people. In addition, the work of the Great Sage is an inexhaustible treasure, a great education.

       Students participating in the competition on the topic: preparing a presentation on the life and work of the great poet. Writing an essay on the work of Abay Kunanbayev. Reading Abay’s works by heart (a poetic work or word of edification based on the themes of Education, Science and art).

Deputy director of the Medical College for educational work M. A. Taizhanova, head of the Department of general education disciplines A. T. Satayev wished the participants good luck.

          At the same time, the librarian of the library and Information Center Kuanyshbekova E. A. presented the book exhibition ” Abay’s legacy is the National Heritage “. Students were encouraged to read the books of our grandfather Abay.

         According to the results of the competition, the jury determined the winners of the I, II, and III places in accordance with the requirements of the competition, senior mentor for educational work of the Department of general education disciplines Kaspanova F. A. and senior teacher Abdullabekova A. T.

By the decision of the jury. 

Expressive reading contest:

I place-Zhumabekov Zhanibek- student of the group С-ЕІҚ-9.01-20 (24 words of edification)

II place – Rakhmanberdieva Izoza- student of the group С-ЕIO -9.03-20 (poem dedicated to Abay Kunanbayev)

III place-Kulan Sara -student of the group С-ЕІҚ-11.01-20 (A bride of the wrist)

According to the presentation:

I place – Hen Anita – student of the group

II place – Ilyasova Dana – student of the group С-EІҚ-9.02-20 group

III place-Yunusalieva Nargiza – student of the group С-MІО-9.02.20

Essay  writing contest:

I place – Akylbek Galiya -student of the group С-EIҚ-9.01.20 (Abay Kunanbayev)

II place – Rakhimzhanova Mukhlisa- student of the group С-МІО-9.02.20

III place-Pymenidi Alexandra – student of the group С-EIO-9.03-20

Aikynbaeva Aruzhan- student of the group С- MІҚ-9.01-20 group (educational significance of Abay’s works)

All participants of the contest were awarded with letters of thanks.


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