Елдің болашағы – білімді жастар


On April 22, 2019, a round table on the theme “The future of the country – educated youth” was held in the library and information center of SKMA together with the departments of “Socially-humanitarian disciplines”, “History of Kazakhstan and Social disciplines”. Objective: to form young people’s attitudes towards politics in the country, clarify and disseminate the President’s Address, encourage youth to be active, respect national traditions The participants of the round table: the head of the department “History of Kazakhstan and Social disciplines,” Dr. PhD Zh.O. Nurzhanbayeva, Head of Department “Social sciences and humanities”, Ph.D. in history, associate professor Sh.Sh. Ashirov, Candidate of Sociological Sciences., Associate Professor MA Yertaev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor L.S. Mailybaeva, senior teacher B.D. Utegenov, Head of the Department of Social Affairs and Youth Policy, E.K. Salim, Head Youth Policy Department N.R. Akhmetov, teachers and active students. Topics covered during the even: – Youth education – The relevance of the Latin alphabet and its relationship to youth – On the spiritual and cultural values of youth – Youth policy Nurzhanbaeva Zhanat Oralbaevna, head of the department of “Social and Humanitarian Disciplines”, told the youth about the development policy of Kazakhstan and the main directions of the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Mailybayeva Lazzat, Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines, explained that young people are the most important of all the great ideals that people face in the world – this is a healthy, conscious upbringing of generations. Only in the educational process does a person grow spiritually. He ensures that the traditions of folk traditions and forbidden words play an educational, educative and informative role in educating young people as virtuous, competent citizens. National educational traditions, customs, moral and spiritual. The Kazakh people are the heir of spiritual wealth. Traditions, wisdom and etiquette of the ancient ancestors throughout the centuries pointed to the historical reality that their children brought moral, artistic and educational skills to a high, worthy citizen. Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines M.Artayev, senior teacher B. B. Utegenov, Department of the History of Kazakhstan and Social disciplines, students of the ZhM-105A-18 group M. Kumarov, M. Kahramanova made a report The opinion of many students on the problem of the transition to Latin was supplemented by Salim Yerbol Kaltursynuly, the head of the department for social issues and youth policy. Akhmetov Nurlan Rashitovich, head of the youth policy department, having expressed his views on education and upbringing together, he called for further participation in the event. Also at the round table were discussed issues of youth education. Students actively participated, asked questions and received satisfactory answers, expressed their opinions. The head of the library and information center Darbicheva Raushan Iskakovna thanked the participants and wished the young people success. At the end of the event, the participants familiarized themselves with the book exhibition “The History of the Future, the Bright Future of Kazakhstan”.