Dear teachers and students!


The Epigraph company presents to your attention a portal on multimedia textbooks, which allows you to study remotely, 24 multimedia books are available. In order to use the functionality of the site, you will need to register on the site enter the promo code: ukma_22

The site is adapted to work with any mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and computers. A multimedia textbook is a set of software solutions that allows students to demonstrate, in addition to text, educational multimedia material, which also contains interactive blocks of knowledge verification.

The multimedia tutorial contains:

  1. Text material is the main material of the textbook, presented in electronic form with the ability to search and navigate, as well as animated tables and graphs.
  2. Animations – static, dynamic 2D and 3D animations, as well as interactive animations and virtual labs.
  3. Video lectures based on textbook material, where the author is an active participant in a virtual digital presentation.
  4. Self–control tests – tests formed in the form of interactive pages.
  5. Tasks – situational, computational, logic and laboratory tasks.

  Instructions for using the resource